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"...Vidya Iyer is poised to become a household name..." - Vogue India, March 2017

"You haven't LIVED until you've heard VidyaVox..." -Cosmopolitan Magazine

"Her mashups connect your soul to music...(she) is on her way to becoming the voice ruling YouTube." -India Today

"Vidya Vox, wherever you are, what an amazing voice you have. Listening (to the) mashups nonstop. Bravo." Hrithik Roshan

"For an artist to be able to take someone else's work and make it his or her is rare - and for that cover to stand up to the orginal, even rarer. That's exactly what Vidya did here..." -Elite Daily

"Type the words, "Taylor Swift, Blank Space," into a YouTube search bar, and a hundred different covers of the songs will pop up before you; some breathtakingly good, some bad, some average. Vidya's cover of the hit single falls into the first category, but also stands out in a way no other does; it's mashed up with A.R. Rahman's "Mental Manadhil," form the movie O Kadhal Kanmani." -The Hindu

"A collaboration between a group of U.S. and Indian artists has resulted in the King of Pop's classic “Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough” reworked with Bollywood hit “Chaiyya Chaiyya. The resulting video has gone viral, not only garnering more than 430,000 views its first four days but also impressing Khan, who tweeted the link to the YouTube video to his 13 million-plus followers.” - The Hollywood Reporter

"Kurt Hugo Schnerider, Sam Tsui, Shankar Tucker and Indian vocalist Vidya Iyer collaborated on the clip (flimed in and around Mumbai, India), which managed to catch the attention of Dil Se director Shah Rukh Khan, who tweeted it out." - People Magazine

"The live bhangra version of Lean On is so epic I love my punjabis @majorlazer." - Diplo, re: Vidya's "Lean On" mashup.

Rolling Stone Cover

"She has the voice and looks of an international pop icon - but is equally at home at sabhas, where her classical roots come to the fore!" - Deccan Chronicle

"The vocalist has been busy taking over social media all year..." -Buzzfeed's "17 Indian Musicians Who Changed the Game in 2015"

"If you’ve been anywhere near YouTube the past couple of years, the name Vidya Iyer shouldn’t be hard to recognise." - Deccan Herald